We originate and develop creative concepts from scratch and/or we produce scripts and storyboards made by you. We’re design-build.

We shoot TV commercials for advertising agencies. We produce spots, films and videos for corporate clients. Being headquartered in Washington DC, we make our share of PSA’s for the US Government, and we frequently produce advocacy spots for the Inside-the-Beltway crowd. Our work appears on television and the web, in ballrooms, boardrooms and theaters. We’re cross-platform.

We can be as simple or as complex as the concept requires, and as the budget allows. We can slip out with a crew of three, shoot on our Canon 5D, edit at Engine on Final Cut, and hand you a finished show. We can also cast a spot with a dozen actors on a NYC sound stage, or shoot 35mm film from a telescoping crane mounted on a camera car driving backwards down an LA freeway. We know stunts, pyrotechnics, helicopters, boats, animals, kids, rain and snow. We’re experts.

Clients come to us for our thinking, our talent, and our experience. We work hard, we take it personally, we respect the budget and we understand our role in the process.  We love what we do and we have a good time doing it. We’re storytellers.